5 Reasons Why Upcycled Products Are the Future

5 Reasons Why Upcycled Products Are the Future

Upcycled products are the way of the future, and one we at Earth Candles Co. are proud to be a part of. Our philosophy of sustainability is a guiding force in the creation of our natural soy candles each and every day.

As re-purposing slowly becomes the norm in our daily lives, retailers such as ourselves are offering a variety of upcycled products to buy. This involves reusing an object in a new way without degrading the material it is made from. This differs from recycling, where the material is broken down and then made into something else. Today we’ll look further into the reasons why we, and many other retailers, are now repurposing items for use in their products.

5 Reasons Why You’ll See More Repurposed & Upcycled Products

As individuals become more aware of the negative impact they have on our planet, they look for a better way to do things. One of those things is to reuse or repurpose an item and turn it into something else. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also minimises the number of resources we use too.

As a result, people have sought ways in which they can turn what they have but don’t need, into something they want and will use. Upcycling clothing and furniture are two popular and widely known examples of such upcycled products.

However, are there any other reasons repurposing occurs, other than to reduce waste and use fewer resources? Yes! Here are five reasons why you’ll be seeing more upcycled products in the future:

  • Reduces our carbon footprint, helping to have a positive impact on climate change.
  • Increased creativity – not everyone wants to buy cookie cutter products, making their home look just like everyone else’s. By their very nature, upcycled products are unique, as being handmade they don’t follow a set mould. Designers also enjoy being able to express their creativity to mind boggle us with too!
  • Affordability – this is an interesting one here. While the number of purchased resources required to repurpose an item is lower than using all new resources, the time the retailer takes to make the item needs to be factored into the cost. It could work either way price wise.
  • Love of handmade artisanal craftsmanship – the love of handmade products continues to grow throughout the world. The knowledge that you are helping the environment as well when purchasing these products is priceless.
  • Using the past as a role model – many believe that generations before us lived a better life than we do now. In an effort to improve their well-being, people are modelling what our grandparents and great-grandparents did: upcycling items from around home to create something new. While in the past this was done for financial reasons (and maybe the case for some today), the level of satisfaction one has from using such an item hasn’t changed!

Our natural soy candles are handmade from repurposed beer and wine bottles we clean and then shape to specific dimensions. We invite you to join our many happy customers who delight in using and displaying our candles in their homes: visit our online candle store today!

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