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Warkworth – Home of Earth Candles Co.

If you’ve never visited Warkworth, you’re missing out on something great and we’re not just saying that because we’re based here! Warkworth is around a 45-minute drive north from Auckland, close to Goat Island, Tawharanui, Matakana and Omaha. We could tell you that it was founded in 1853 by John Anderson Brown and it contains many historic old buildings dating as far back 1850s. But, we think it would be more fun to share all the other little titbits about our beautiful town – the reasons why we’ve made it our home!


Photo: Tawharanui

Reasons Why Earth Candles Co. Are Based in Warkworth

It’s been our home for the last few years. The Warkworth township is the heart of the Kowhai coast, and each year Warkworth holds the Kowhai Festival. Its claim to fame is that it is NZ’s second-longest-running community festival, having been around since 1970. 

We’re lucky enough to have the stunning Mahurangi River flowing right through us, the lifeblood of boat traffic for hundreds of years. While river trade between us and Auckland may have stopped, our love of the water remains. Locals are often out on sailboats and the old Jane Gifford still takes people on tours down the river. If you’d prefer to stay on terra firma, there’s a lovely walkway, parks and a playground to view the river from instead.

Photo: Mahurangi River

Warkworth has contributed to the nation’s favourite pastimes by producing All Blacks Murray Jones, Zinzan Brooke and Robin Brooke and Black Cap twins Hamish and James Marshall. We’ve also had America’s Cup boats built by our local boat building company. How’s that for a claim to fame?

Take a weekend stroll around the cement works ruins (the first portland cement manufacturing operation in the southern hemisphere), established in 1884. The old mine now serves as a popular freshwater swimming hole, through the summer months you will often find us down there cooling off.

Take a step back in time. Parry Kauri Park is a hidden gem, just a stone's throw from the cement works on the same site as the Warkworth district museum. Take the beautiful bushwalk through native bush. Walk among ancient kauri trees while listening to the sounds of the local wildlife.

We’re indeed a quiet town, not known for our nightlife. But we do have many great shops, two neat schools and plenty of fabulous locals! Warkworth is also home to us, Earth Candles Co. – New Zealand’s favourite upcycle soy candle company! Living in such a beautiful place, it’s no wonder we take inspiration from nature for our candle scents, use environmentally conscious soy wax and repurpose old wine and beer bottles for our candles! We, like you, want to do everything we can to protect our earth while being able to enjoy ourselves. Speaking of enjoyment, take a look through our candle store while you’re here…

 Cement Works Warkworth

Photo: Cement Works - Warkworth

Photo credit: Zanda.Photography


Black and White Photo credit: The bridge and falls at Warkworth. Ref: 1/2-000591-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22715018

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