What Makes a Clean Burning Candle?

What Makes a Clean Burning Candle?

Do you know the properties of a clean-burning candle? One which doesn’t raise your indoor pollution levels, nor does it put out nasty black soot? We do, we are proud to sell hand-poured, clean-burning, pure soy wax candles! Today we’ll detail three of the main characteristics of a clean-burning candle.

Three Characteristics of a Clean Burning Candle

There are three things which set a clean-burning candle apart from the others:

  1. Wick – here you are looking at both the size of the wick and the material it is made from. A candle wick with a metal core can leech lead and other toxic materials into the air. Often the metal is encased within a woven outer, making it hard to identify if a metal is present or not. The size of the wick is important too. A wick which is too thick or too tall will produce large amounts of soot and get too hot. This results in wax leakage, a sooty candle and environment. A wick which is too small will not create a sufficient wax pool, therefore not releasing the fragrance from the wax. At Earth Candles, we carefully position and trim our candle wicks to ensure the candle burns at maximum efficiency and cleanly.
  2. Wax – at Earth Candles, we use only 100% natural soy wax when making our candles. Soy wax is both slow and clean-burning, biodegradable, made from a renewable resource, 100% safe and natural. Soy wax releases fragrance beautifully and also offers a low melting point, reducing the risk of burns. A candle made from paraffin wax, on the other hand, is petroleum-based, non-biodegradable, may emit carcinogens, spills are hard to clean up and there is a higher melting point which increases the potential of burns. 
  3. Fragrance – Globally, there is an endless amount of low-quality low-cost fragrance products flooding the market! Within these mass-produced products, there is a high chance they contain a range of allergens and toxic ingredients. When a candle containing allergens and toxins is burnt, these chemicals are released into the environment. At Earth Candles, all the fragrances and essential oils that go into our candles are carefully selected from our local supplier. We are guaranteed that all fragrance oils are highly purified with a natural oil base and are free of phthalates, paraffin and UV inhibitors. Making all the candles we make, exquisitely clean-burning and free of any nasty toxins. 

For a clean-burning candle made in New Zealand, our range of hand-poured and sustainably focused soy wax candles are a must! Available in three unique sizes with seven unique candle fragrances, they make for perfect home décor accessories for your home or as gifts for others. Visit our online candle store today and order yours.

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