Soy Candles Unique Corporate Gifts

Why Choose Soy Wax Candles for Your Corporate Gifts?

When it comes to selecting the perfect corporate gifts, consider the unique option of candles. Specifically, branded soy wax candles are leading the way in the corporate gift market. At Earth Candles Co., we offer a range of sustainably made soy candles that are ideal for corporate gifting.

As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future, it's important to leave a lasting impression on our clients. One way to do this is by gifting them branded soy wax candles. Not only are these candles sustainably made in New Zealand, but they also offer a unique and memorable corporate gift option.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing Earth Candles soy wax candles for your business:

  • Customizable Branding: Our in-house made wooden lids, crafted from reclaimed pallet timber, can be branded with your business logo or a unique message. This ensures that your brand remains visible to your clients and customers even after the candle has been enjoyed.
  • Decorative and Usable: Candles serve both as a decorative accessory and a usable focal point in any room. By gifting our soy candles, you are providing a product that not only adds ambiance but also keeps your brand in sight and top of mind.
  • Appropriate and Well-Received: Studies show that over 70% of people consider candles to be an appropriate seasonal gift, and 61% see them as a meaningful thank-you gesture. By choosing Earth Candles soy candles, you are offering a gift that aligns with the majority's perception.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness: Our soy candles are sustainably made in Warkworth, New Zealand, and we use repurposed packaging to demonstrate our commitment to environmental friendliness. By gifting these candles, your business can showcase its dedication to sustainability and leave a positive impact.
  • Affordable and Unique: Our soy candles offer a highly affordable and unique option for corporate gifting. Rather than opting for traditional and often repetitive gifts, choosing Earth Candles allows your business to stand out and make a lasting impression.


Custom Branded Corporate Gifts


Why Do Earth Candles Make Great Corporate Gifts?

Ultimately, soy candles are a universally appreciated and acceptable gift, regardless of gender. When businesses choose to give corporate gifts, they are not only putting their brand in front of their clients but also showing appreciation and well-wishes. By selecting our unique hand-poured soy candles, made from upcycled beer bottles and wine bottles and paired with wooden lids made from recycled pallets, your business can create a memorable and delightful gifting experience.

Earth Candle Soy Candle Corporate Gift

Contact Craig today to discuss how Earth Candles Co. can provide your business with the ultimate branded corporate gifts – our exquisite pure soy wax candles!

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