Candle Safety: How You Can Enjoy Your Candles & Stay Safe

Candle Safety: How You Can Enjoy Your Candles & Stay Safe

Our soy candles look amazing when burning and smelling divine. However, like all candles, they too can pose a risk if misused. We have put together a list of candle safety rules we recommend you follow.

Candle Safety Rules to follow

Candles help create ambient light, set the mood and fill a home with fragrance. The downside is, they can be dangerous. To help stay safe, here are eleven candle safety rules for you to follow:
⦁ Always keep a burning candle in sight. If you leave the room, extinguish the candle.
⦁ Keep candles free of any objects while burning. If anything can touch or come into the area around the candle, it is not a safe spot. Keeping matches, lighters and candles out of reach of children is also essential.
⦁ Trim the wick of your candle before lighting. Wicks needs to remain short, meaning anything longer than 7mm requires trimming.
⦁ Have working smoke alarms in your home. Make sure you test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries when required.
⦁ Use a wick dipper or candle snuffer to extinguish your candle. This helps to prevent hot wax from spilling from your candle and excess smoking being emitted.
⦁ Candles need to be placed in areas free from any drafts. This helps to avoid any sudden temperature change it also helps to prevent uneven burning, flame flare-ups and objects being blown into the area of the flame.
⦁ Avoid using candles in the bedroom or any area where you cannot pay continuous attention to it.
⦁ Check that the candle is on a heat resistant surface before lighting.
⦁ Discontinue your candle when 10-12mm of wax remains at the bottom of the candle.
⦁ If a candle is lit or still hot, leave it alone. Wait until it is cold, and the wax has set again before touching or moving your candle.
• Always follow the candle guidelines on each candle label and only burn candles for the recommended time.
We’re passionate about our soy candles. If you have questions regarding candle safety, the fragrances we use or purchasing of our candles in bulk quantities, please get in touch with us today! 

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